StakeSwap listed Optachain: Gather blockchain experts and talents to support the development

We are happy to announce Optachain is a new listing on the StakeSwap platform. What is Optachain? (OPTA) OptaChain, a blockchain community pioneer, is keen to gather blockchain experts and talents to support the development of the world blockchain industry. With the increasing popularity of blockchain, OptaChain will introduce the ...

Six ways to promote your staking program at it’s fullest potential

Have trouble maintaining loyal users in your project? This article is for you. There are a lot of ways to promote your project, but which ones are the most effective that will get you new investors, and maintaining them for the longterm. Let’s dive right in.

Seven growth hacks to increase your coin value continuously

Growing your project is a long and challenging process. The more people in your community, the faster your community will grow.  But, you can’t grow if you’re not using the right tools and strategies to reach your growth potential.

What is staking? Get monthly rewards by doing nothing!

Learn how staking can help you earn monthly rewards by simply doing nothing but supporting your favourite Etherum and XLM based projects.

How to make an ETH address in 2 minutes or less

If you were confused when making an account on StakeSwap , one of the columns options you have to fill out is placing either your ETH or XLM address. What’s an address? For you to receive payments from the project you are trading, an address (wallet) allows you to get ...

StakeSwap listed TUNE Token - Signup = Get 1000 TUNE (Ends April 5th)

We are happy to announce that Tunetoken is a new listing on StakeSwap. Tune’s blockchain technology & smart contract design rewards creators & fans while fixing songwriter rights & royalty transparency issues for the music industry. They are offering a ONE TIME deal where you can get up to a ...

StakeSwap listed Flit - Earn free Flit for signing up (Ends April 1st)

We are happy to announce the listing of Flit on StakeSwap. Flit and StakeSwap would like to reward $10 worth of Flit tokens to you by simply signing up to . Simply enter your ETH address, username, email, password, and you’ll get your reward on us. Yes, I want ...

StakeSwap listed Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) | Earn free crypto for reading

StakeSwap would like to give a warm welcome to Global Crypto Alliance as a new listing on our platform. Global Crypto Alliance (CALL) is an ERC777 based token that runs in the Ethereum blockchain.