How to make an ETH address in 2 minutes or less

Marc Thibodeau, CMO

If you were confused when making an account on StakeSwap, one of the columns options you have to fill out is placing either your ETH or XLM address.

What’s an address?

For you to receive payments from the project you are trading, an address (wallet) allows you to get payouts from the cryptocurrency.

In this article, we will simplify how to make either an ETH or XLM address using MetaMask for you to start getting crypto and receiving rewards from them.

Download MetaMask plugin from Google Chrome

To get started, Go to and click on “Install MetaMask for chrome.”  (Works with Chrome, IOS, and Android only)

Untitled design (4).png

Add plugin

Simply click the “add to chrome button” on the top right.


Accept terms

Click on the “Add extension” pop-up.


Create a wallet

If you never made an address yet, click on “Create a wallet”.


Remember your “secret phrase” (recommend taking a screenshot)


Organize your secret phrase


Copy your address


Paste it on the StakeSwap Signup form


Start earning rewards by holding your favourite crypto projects!


At StakeSwap, our mission is to help you earn money by supporting your favourite cryptocurrency projects - start and earn more income by bringing the value of your tokens to the moon. 

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